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It’s a Boy! It’s a Girl! Unintended Effects of Finding Out A Baby’s Gender

I was struck by a family member’s baby shower last year.   The cake was styled as a football field.   The decorations all said MVP and the Dad’s favorite college football team’s logo was all over everything.   I … Continue reading

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Music: The Black Kids and the Girls Quit — Uh, no.

My daughters are mad at me.  Well, at any given time at least one of my children is always mad at me.  It’s basic statistics — and being a parent of teens.   But they are just going to have … Continue reading

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Marketing of Women In Movies, Not Quite Pitch Perfect

This is kind of a ramble, and a bit of a rant.  You’ve been warned. I really like the movie Pitch Perfect.  Go ahead and judge if you must, but it is hilarious, witty and has a message.  I saw … Continue reading

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