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Music: The Black Kids and the Girls Quit — Uh, no.

My daughters are mad at me.  Well, at any given time at least one of my children is always mad at me.  It’s basic statistics — and being a parent of teens.   But they are just going to have … Continue reading

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Marketing of Women In Movies, Not Quite Pitch Perfect

This is kind of a ramble, and a bit of a rant.  You’ve been warned. I really like the movie Pitch Perfect.  Go ahead and judge if you must, but it is hilarious, witty and has a message.  I saw … Continue reading

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Are Professional Internships the “The New Slavery”?

Here’s the question, “Are Long-Term Professional  Unpaid Internships the New Slavery”? The answer is a resounding NO.  NO! NO! NO!  No serious conversation about the ills of long-term, unpaid, professional internships should have any comparison whatsoever to the Transatlantic Slave … Continue reading

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Sexual Enhancement Drug Ads: What’s Up With Black Radio?

Sometimes I want to listen to some R&B.  Classic or recent.   Sometimes I want to listen to a morning Radio Show for “black” audiences.    The problem is I can’t get more than a few minutes in without hearing … Continue reading

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