Sexual Enhancement Drug Ads: What’s Up With Black Radio?

Radio Raheem from "Do the Right Thing"

Radio Raheem from “Do the Right Thing”

Sometimes I want to listen to some R&B.  Classic or recent.   Sometimes I want to listen to a morning Radio Show for “black” audiences.    The problem is I can’t get more than a few minutes in without hearing a commercial for some kind of sexual enhancement drug.

One has to wonder . . . are middle-aged black men having trouble in the bedroom?

Or is the hyper-sexualization of black people a money-maker for drug companies?  And is that because black people are buying these products more that others?   (See the first question — I mean, is there a problem in the black bedroom?)

Maybe it’s just demographics.   I’m not listening to hip-hop, so perhaps they assume that the audience consists of some men over 40 years old.  Still, the commercials aren’t just for men who may be experiencing erectile dysfunction.  They also claim to help a man satisfy a woman with his “gifts” and make no mention of any impairment to be corrected.   It’s just about the sex.

I listen to a lot of different types of music and I rarely hear these ads on classical radio (where presumably the audience is over 40 years old), or country radio or soft rock or oldies (insert your own joke) or even jazz (the land of old black guys).

No, it’s R&B, the music of love.


And annoying.   It’s embarrassing to listen to “black radio” with my kids.  I have to change the station, even in the daytime.    It’s a shame, really.   I’m not going to play a soundtrack of sex ads to swirl around my kids’ heads as they get ready for school in the morning.

I don’t want my kids to think that all black people think about is sex.

And conversely,  I don’t want black people to be sold goods about sex (while other stations sell goods and services that enhance other areas of life).

Targeted radio advertising, tailored to the likely audience.  I get it.  But at some point it teaches the audience what’s important or expected of them, especially if the audience hears it between every song.  Sadly, when it’s not the sex drug ads on black radio, it’s credit repair, bankruptcy, and attorney commercials.   I guess we’re broke, but we’re still “doing it,” and we need to do it better, longer and BIGGER!

The national radio shows do a good job of providing resources for black people in jobs, education and news.   But then they go to break and black people are bombarded with talk about satisfying, nay, mind-blowing sex.  I complained once and was told that the national shows have no idea what their local markets are playing.

I think they should.

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